Set yourself apart.

You sell fine wines, fine foods, and you want to sell fine coffees to match. I can help you pair your desserts or mains with the best coffees available in the UK, as well as train your staff and write the coffee list to showcase the coffees to your customers.


This is a coffee sommelier service and as such is not appropriate for everyone; I do not deal with espresso machines and/or service, but rather for boutique and gourmet coffees preferably made with a cafetiere (though happy to discuss espresso and filter coffees) for a discerning clientele.


After all, you wouldn't serve a vintage whiskey with coke and a slice now would you?


Fill in the form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can to discuss how I can help you offer the very best to your customers. This page is new, and whilst the form is being constructed, it would be appreciated if you would click here.










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